Exactaheight™ 54 Inch Acrylic Portable

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Make your driveway the neighbourhood court with the Exacta-Height™ 54 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball System. Designed for ballers of all ages, it's 54" acrylic backboard delivers a rebound only rivalled by glass. With the Exacta-height™ lift system you can adjust the height from 7.5 feet to the league-standard 10 feet with ease, while the 129 litre water fillable base stays firm and stable all-day long.

  • Acrylic Backboard for superior rebounds
  • Portable wheeled base (easy to move)
  • Heavy Duty steel frame
  • Adjustable system height (Exactaheight Lift System)
  • Pro Slam® Breakaway Rim

54” Performance Acrylic Backboard

Built for a superior rebound the 54” Performance Acrylic backboard has a rebound rivaled only by glass. 

Backboard measures 54" (137x81cm) and features a Steel-Frame with aluminium trim

Heavy Duty Pro Slam® Rim

Let it fly from long range. The sturdy Spalding Heavy-Duty Pro Slam® Rim has a steel construction that can handle the vibrations of your deepest threes. It's spring-loaded for a smooth breakaway and comes with an all-weather net

Easy height adjustment

The fully adjustable Exactaheight™ lift system gives players of all ages, heights and skill levels room to play. Spring Counterbalance with the pin. 

Sturdy base design & easy transportation

The sturdy two wheeled base allows you to move the system wherever you play and can be filled with either sand or water for maximum stability.

Backboard Size

The backboard size is measured from the left to the right side of the board, ranging from 44" to 72" (107cm to 183cm). Spalding ranges boards in the following sizes:

- 72 inch / 183 centimetres (Professional level)
- 60 inch / 152 centimetres
- 54 inch / 137 centimetres
- 52 inch / 132 centimetres
- 48 inch / 122 centimetres
- 44 inch / 112 centimetres
- 42 inch / 107 centimetres

More Information
System Type Portable
Backboard Size 54" (137x81cm)
Backboard Material Performance Acrylic
Rim Pro Slam™ Breakaway
Lift System Exactaheight™
Height Adjustable 7.5ft - 10ft | 2.3m – 3.00m
Pole 3pc, 3.5" Oval
Base Mobile, fills with sand or water, 129 litre capacity
Base Dimensions 134cm x 83cm
Assembly time Approx. 4-5 hours
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Product Usage Guidelines

This equipment is intended for home recreational use only and NOT excessive competitive play. This product is not intended for institutional or commercial use; Spalding does not assume any liability for such use. Institutional or commercial use will void the warranty.

Safety Instructions

Failure to follow these safety instructions may result in serious injury or property damage and will void the warranty.

The owner must ensure that all players know and follow these rules for the safe operation of the system. To ensure safety, do not attempt to assemble this system without following the instructions carefully.  Check entire box and inside all packing material for parts and/or additional instruction material. Before beginning assembly, read the instructions and identify parts using the hardware identifier and parts list in this document. proper and complete assembly, use, and supervision are essential for proper operation and to reduce the risk of accident or injury. A high probability of serious injury exists if this system is not installed, maintained, and operated properly.

User Manual

Download the user manual for the Exactaheight™ 54 Inch Acrylic Portable.