Basketball Size Guide

Need help choosing the right size basketball?

To play great basketball, you need the right-sized ball. Having a ball that is too small or too big for your grip can play havoc on your skills and dampen your game. You need to feel in control of the ball and make it move how you want it to, and this is just not possible when you can’t get a good grip. To enhance your game and feel more confident, it’s important to take the time to understand what size ball you require.

There are many available, so to help you understand what size would be best for you, we have compiled a sizing chart for each of our basketballs.


need help choosing the right basketball

Find the right size

Choosing the right size ball and inflating it as per our guidelines will help your product perform to optimum standards. Use the below guide to determine the most suitable size for your needs.

SIZE 7 | 29.5"


Size 7 (29.5" or 75cm) is the official size of Men's professional basketball, suitable for players aged 12 years & over.


SIZE 6 | 28.5"


Size 6 is the basketball size for females aged 9+ years and males aged 9 to 12 years old*. The Size 6 basketball has a circumference of 28.5" (72.5cm).
*Please note: For VJBL, a Size 5 basketball is recommended for males & females aged 12 and under, not a size 6.


SIZE 5 | 27.5"


Size 5 is the standard basketball size for boys and girls aged 8 - 9 years old. The Size 5 basketball has a circumference of 27.5" (69.5cm). Size 5 is also the official sized game ball for males & females aged 12 and under in the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL).


SIZE 3 | 22.5"


Size 3 is a novelty-sized, or 'mini' basketball suitable for all ages. The Size 3 basketball has a circumference of 22" (55.9cm).


Find the right size basketball



When it comes to your home court, it's important to consider what surface you'll be shooting hoops on in order to select the most appropriate Spalding product.
Our basketballs are designed for specific indoor, outdoor and all-surface areas.

Ball material - indoor Ball material - indoor/outdoor Ball material - outdoor
An indoor ball is designed exclusively for indoor playing surfaces. These balls are constructed with leather or high end composite covers. Indoor / Outdoor basketballs are suitable for all types of playing surfaces. Outdoor basketballs have a durable cover that can withstand rougher playing surfaces


How to inflate your ball correctly

To correctly inflate your basketball be sure to follow the below steps:

  1. All Spalding basketballs have a recommended inflation unit printed around their inflation valves i.e. 8 psi, 5 psi, 3psi etc.
  2. This metric pressure unit is psi (pounds/square inch).
    NOTE: Be careful to not confuse psi (pounds square inch) with kPa. It is a very different measurement and these are not interchangeable. (Note: 6.9 kPa = 1 psi)
  3. This is not a guide and should be considered a maximum. If you exceed the recommended inflation you risk damaging the basketball and also voiding the warranty.
  4. If you do over inflate a ball, release the pressure immediately. It may not be apparent just by looking at the ball that it is over inflated.
  5. Be sure to moisten the needle with water or soapy water before slowly inserting it vertically into the valve. If the needle is inserted while it is dry, it may damage the valve and cause air leakage.
  6. Before injecting air, be sure to inject air little by little according to the psi displayed near the ball. Please note that adding too much air may cause deformation, expansion or rupture.
  7. If using a hand pump make sure to place the ball on a flat surface as the needle can heat up and bend or snap off if weight is put on it.


Basketball inflation guide


Find Your Size and Stay True to The Game

From just playing for fun to trying to make it to the main stage, having the right tools can improve your game immensely. Once you have found the right-sized basketball you can focus on performing to the best of your ability, enhancing your techniques and enjoying your favourite game.