Indoor Basketballs

  1. Official NBL Game Ball
    Official NBL Game Ball
    NZD 169.99
  2. TF-ELITE - Competition Ball - Size 7
    TF-ELITE - Competition Ball - Size 7
    NZD 129.99
  3. Precision Basketball - Size 7
    Precision Basketball - Size 7
    NZD 89.99

Spalding Indoor Basketball Collection – Available Across NZ

Courts inside of sports stadiums and community centres are completely different arenas to those in open-air settings. As a result, the best indoor basketballs need to be just as different to help you be on top of your game when it counts. Spalding indoor basketball collections are made with hearty materials for improved durability and bounce height, as well as offering greater grip control for the players, which is so important to clutch those fast passes and game-saving free throws.

Review our indoor basketball selection available across NZ today.

Choose the Best Indoor Basketball to Up Your Performance

Are you looking for something to help up your performance on game day? Then you can’t look pass the Spalding indoor basketball selection, with purposely designed structures of composite leather covers, as well as deep channel configurations for enhanced grip & control, and improved durability to withstand extended practice sessions. Find a greater success rate in your shooting with the Eco-Grip™ composite cover on the Spalding Precision™ Indoor Game Basketball; play like the pros with an Official Game Ball of the NBL, built with exclusive microfiber composite leather cover material that provides advanced moisture management for cleaner play; or introduce a rock that is set to mould to your playing style on the hardwoods with the TF-1000 Legacy Competition Ball.

Any one of the indoor basketballs in our selection will allow you take on any opponent (even yourself).

Browse the Full Selection of Indoor Basketballs & More From Spalding

With the comprehensive range of products and accessories from Spalding, true ballers of every age, size and skill can find something to improve how they play the game. Find what you need in our indoor basketball and outdoor basketball selections available across NZ, or contact us for more information.


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