Outdoor Basketballs

  1. NBL Hardwood Series - New Zealand Breakers
    NBL Hardwood Series - New Zealand Breakers
    NZD 69.99
  2. NBL Outdoor Replica Game Ball
    NBL Outdoor Replica Game Ball
    NZD 19.99
  3. Marble - Pink
    Marble - Pink
    NZD 34.99
  4. Urban - Grey - Size 7
    Urban - Grey - Size 7
    NZD 34.99
  5. Marble - Pink - Size 6
    Marble - Pink - Size 6
    NZD 34.99
  6. Marble - Black
    Marble - Black
    NZD 34.99
  7. Layup - TF-50
    Layup - TF-50
    NZD 24.99
  8. Varsity TF-150 Red, White & Blue
    Varsity TF-150 Red, White & Blue
    NZD 34.99
  9. Varsity - TF-150
    Varsity - TF-150
    NZD 24.99
  10. Junior Flite - Size 3 - Orange
    Junior Flite - Size 3 - Orange
    NZD 29.99

NZ’s Best Outdoor Basketball Collection

When you have such a love for the game, you’ll take it anywhere – the local park, school yard or even the driveway. Finding time to shoot hoops, perfect your handling and hone your skills is the best way to gain that competitive edge. But you need the right equipment. Playing on rough asphalt or concrete means a much harsher surface coming into contact with your basketball as opposed to the polished hardwoods of an indoor court.

The Spalding outdoor basketball selection is constructed from highly durable rubber that can withstand this repeated use in open-air environments, sporting the necessary strength to tolerate repeated pressure, impact and friction during the most heated training sessions or games. Review the range available across NZ today to find the best outdoor basketball for you.

Own the Open-Air Courts with a Spalding Outdoor Basketball

Get the most out of your game on tougher surfaces with the collection of top-quality outdoor basketballs from Spalding. Each of the basketballs we make available across NZ are designed and constructed with only the finest, most durable rubber that is purpose-built for serious outdoor play. They are also fitted with a high-performance soft grip or full pebbling on their exterior so you can lock down any open-air courts without worrying about slipping up when trying to make that clutch shot. Check out our extensive variety of designs, too, which are perfect to add your own, unique flavour to the courts, including the edgy Street Phantom set, fresh Marble, coloured Camo, TF-Flex Training Balls, and of course for the up-and-comers, the Junior Flite range.

Explore the Range oof Outdoor Basketballs to Find the Best Option for You

At Spalding, we are confident we have the best outdoor basketball and indoor basketball for every athlete in the game, no matter their size or skill level. Review our selection of products and accessories today, or contact us for more information.